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Iguana embryo
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"The mummified skull found in the attic of a retired tax collector is said to be the missing head of King Henri IV."
Photograph: Bellet-Gabet/AFP
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October is tomorrow.

why the fuck is Darren Wilson still not arrested?

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St Benedictus, Muri, Switzerland, 1681.
Photo by Paul Koudounaris
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Bea Nettles, Mountain Dream Tarot, 1975

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Originally used by itinerant Buddhist priests to climb steep paths and to signal their presence by the sound of attached rings, the staff evolved to become a ritual implement with greater symbolic than practical significance. This example contains symbols from Esoteric Buddhism, including disks representing the sun and moon at upper left and right. | Finial of Buddhist priest’s staff (shakujo) | 1185-1333 Kamakura period | Bronze | Japan | Purchase | Freer Gallery of Art | F1974.15
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Edmund J. Sullivan -  Illustrations for Thomas Carlyle´s `The French Revolution´ 
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Gustave Moreau, The Angels of Sodom, 1890
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